Wedgwood swaps pottery for fashion – as Topshop unveils clothing inspired by iconic prints

Wedgwood swaps pottery for fashion – as Topshop unveils clothing inspired by iconic prints

oktPOTTERY giant Wedgwood has entered the fashion world – after teaming up with retailer Topshop on a new clothing range.

The fashion company approached Wedgwood after being inspired by the firm’s most iconic prints.

Now the designs – including Wild Strawberry and Jasperware – are being used on classic tea dresses, blouses and skirts for Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Unique’ collection.

They were showcased on the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

It marks a major departure for Wedgwood which has been making pottery for centuries.

A Wedgwood spokesman said: “Focusing on eccentric tea party glamour with a devil-may-care casualness, Topshop has worked with us to create a ‘Cupid’ pattern from Jasperware, the most famous of Josiah Wedgwood’s prints.

“The iconic light blue jasper colour, which was popular in the design, has also inspired the wash of Topshop’s high-waisted 1980s-inspired jeans.

“A non-precious take on garden party style has also seen the creation of the ‘Blackbird’ print, inspired by the best-selling Wedgwood pattern Wild Strawberry, featuring finely-drawn leaves, flowers and strawberries.”

The new collection will hit Topshop’s stores – including in Hanley – in February.

IN PICTURES: Here’s how the clothes looking on the catwalk

A Topshop spokesman said: “We have taken on the new season with a quintessentially British spin by collaborating with Wedgwood. It continues the heirloom prettiness of our Autumn collection.

“The new collection pairs relaxed tailoring with romantic softness. Customers can expect exaggerated French cuffs, collars, and oversize drop shoulders, along with plunging v-necks, daring flashes of leg and fluttering georgette sleeves.

“Our inspiration was a beautiful British rebel with an appetite for fun.”

Marketing experts believe the collaboration is great news for Wedgwood.

Staffordshire University lecturer Vicky Roberts said: “When you think of Wedgwood, you think of ceramics. However, you don’t think about the rich design heritage and pattern archive which has so much potential away from ceramics.

“This creative alliance, which refreshes the prints with new fabrics, will open up the Wedgwood brand to a younger demographic. “Meanwhile, Topshop now has access to the wonderful archive of Wedgwood patterns.

“I believe Topshop is hoping the prints will inspire an emotional connection in older customers, who will be more familiar with the works of Wedgwood.”

Vicky believes Topshop is trying to tap into the growing popularity of afternoon tea among women.

She added: “These are not clothes you’d wear for a night-out or to nip to the shops. They have a very specific audience. This signals an exciting and modern change in direction for the Wedgwood brand and may well lead to more collaborations.”

Fashion design graduate Holly Nancarrow – who owns the HollyCrow boutique in Leek – cannot wait to see the clothes.

The 31-year-old, from Leek, said: “The collection sounds fantastic. Something like this will raise awareness of Stoke-on-Trent’s heritage with the pottery industry. The fact that a big brand like Topshop has decided to use the designs of Wedgwood for inspiration is great.”

Why not learn more about  Clothing?

Why not learn more about Clothing?

How to Get an Ideal Modest Swimwear Do men swimming suits have many thing? To the men swimming costumes, it is only a single truck which is not very pleasing unlike to the ladies where they have to wear a swimming suit that will make every man turn his head around and gaze at her. Yes, this is not just some casual banter but truly a fact. Women’s swimwear usually assist ladies look gorgeous and make the heart of their men swell with pride and happiness for the beauty he has by his side. Have you ever tried giving your man this kind of a good feeling? Seems like you have not done it so far. If you have not started making your man feel that, start thinking of having your modest swimming costume that will make you fabulous and more presentable. Modest swimwear are fair to each and every lady no matter the taste or the preference; that is, if you want to show off your skin or you want to remain intact without showing off any part of your body. There is a closed back swimsuit that usually comes in with a low scoop and can definitely be interesting. But to the decent swimmers who does not want to show off anything, there is the modest one which is fully covered. Whether it is the high back or the scooped back swimsuits, modest swimsuits invariably catch the attention of the onlookers. For the ladies swimwear which are the best friends of those ladies who love swimming will make her beauty be noticed and recognized. Swimsuits are all about confidence, style and strength. The wearer gets to flaunt her perfectly chiseled figure with the help of the right choice. There is ample choice as far as ladies swimwear is concerned in the form of adjustable straps, clip back swimsuits, and cross back swimsuits. Swimsuits are available under different established brand names, and it is the budget that the wearer has to decide upon and make a choice accordingly.
A Simple Plan For Researching Clothing
Modest swimsuits are available on the online platform in abundance. By going through different options that are available online, a lady can have a rough idea on the shops that she will visit. All said and done, buying swimwear, ladies or gents is very comfortable when it is done from the comfort of your home. Through internet buying, all the discomfort that you may feel when looking around all the shops is eliminated. With online buying at your residential place, you can simply have that chance to look all of them keenly without any quest. Through online shopping, you can also be able to look at the costume’s pattern and select the one that makes you feel comfortable. Get the latest swimwear and design by quickly visiting internet and making a selection for your best.The Beginner’s Guide to Clothing

Boilers – Getting Started & Next Steps

Boilers – Getting Started & Next Steps

Professional Boiler and Furnace Services – Attain Excellent Heating Performance

A good living situation has many different aspects, including a good heating system. Your comfort and finances will be affected highly when your furnace or boiler is inefficient, old or not working properly.

If you want to enjoy the maximum performance of your boiler or furnace, then consulting an HVAC expert is the best decision. These experts can evaluate your case and give advice on what you should do – whether to buy a new one or just have your appliance repaired. The result of their evaluation of your case will sure benefit your home and finances in the long run.

To some homeowners, even the savvy ones, boilers and furnaces are a mystery. Being a significant part of your home environment, a responsible individual would not take chances on things involving this. This is why whenever you observe something wrong with your furnace or boiler, it should be handled by a professional. These experts have tons of experience with handling different kinds of boiler and furnace repairs and maintenance issues and they are also familiar with the wide range of models. They can tell you immediately if the problem is simple or need vigorous repairs. They can also identify and suggest the upgrades you should do. Getting the service you need for these appliances will save you money from inefficient repairs and will fix your problem in no time.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Repairs

Sadly, there are times that an inefficient boiler or furnace will suggest that you buy a new one. Vigorous repairs might be needed and it is simply more beneficial if you just buy a new one or the energy requirement of your home might be met by a newer model. HVAC experts can suggest the best thing to do and they can guide the process all throughout. If you choose to change your old oil furnace to a new gas furnace, then it will give a huge difference in your heat and heating costs and can give you savings on tax too. You get more out of your money by installing a new gas boiler since it gives your home heat more efficiently. These projects are not things that should be done at your own – a professional should be hired so that it can be done safely and in the right way.
The Ultimate Guide to Boilers

It is essential that you feel comfort in the place you live. It is tempting to fix a bad heating situation yourself but in it will not be beneficial in the long run. If you want to enjoy your home at its fullest, you should ask the help of qualified professionals immediately because they are the only people that can accurately and efficiently fix the problem fast and provide the kind of care, maintenance and installation that you need.

The Key Elements of Great Utilities

The Key Elements of Great Utilities

How to Reduce Utility Bills

The US Department of the Treasury estimates that there is over $30B utility overcharges in the US, which translates to “many businesses pay more than their fair share of utility costs”.

There is a higher chance that your business could pay more for utilities than it needs to. But, never expect any person or even your CPA’s office to inform and tell you the recent errors in your utility bills.

Spending a lot of time correcting utility billing errors can lower a business’s utility costs by thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and of course it will still depend on the size of the business. As far as three years, substantial refunds can be claimed.

Business have a lot of expenses to deal with. Any small or big business can have a huge electricity bills. In reducing bills in the business, you may hire the below mentioned tips.

Prefer the energy saver equipment for your office. With this equipment, your bills will lower down.

Use lower voltage bulbs in you office. The reason why lower voltage bulbs are used is because of having a lower electric bills.

Use energy saving airconditioning and heating equipment. Optimal use of these can reduce your power bills to a huge extent.

Install ceiling fans which help spread the air around, and hence the cooling effect is achieved quickly. Always regulate the temperature of the airconditioning unit or thermostat to achieve maximum utility. 8% of your bill will lower down with these measures.

Resourceful when using computer equipment. Using screen savers can consume more power, so avoid using it. Remind your staff to always switch off the monitors during break time. And, make sure that computers are switched off after work is accomplished. Using this style, your expenses will lower down.

For your electricity needs, you can also go green. Try using clean energy sources such as solar power, if feasible, for your business. It may cost more but will help you lower the costs later on. Also, you will also gain goodwill and be able to minimize your carbon emissions.

By these methods, the people had their electric bills lower than they expected. A lot of people started implementing the styles to reduce bills in their business in Ireland.

The advantage for making sure you are not overcharged usually pays extras. Business sectors like nonprofits, manufacturers, agriculture, hotels, RV Parks, apartment buildings, golf courses, nursing homes, landscaping companies, schools, churches, and restaurants should make sure that they are fascinating full benefit of all allowable exemptions.

To avoid overcharges and refunds always check the utility billings and find the errors to prevent higher costs.
Doing Companies The Right Way
A Simple Plan For Researching Companies

The Essential Laws of Foods Explained

The Essential Laws of Foods Explained

Bartending Skills and Requirements

There are a lot of people who are curious on bartending and how to be one. To answer this curiosity, I have provided here the required skills of becoming a bartender.

1.People skills

When you work in a bar, it means you will be working with other people. You will encounter different attitudes from different kinds of people. A bartender needs to be understandable, interactive and communicable. Bartenders usually are those people who have many friends, acquaintances and connections. If you are the kind of person who are awkward around people, this job is clearly not for you.

2.Good manners

Usually, the weight of the income of the bartenders rely on the tips given by the customers to them. A good bartender should treat each customers with respect and display great manners. So the manners of the bartender may either make or break its career, on how the customers show their gratitude by tipping them.

Every bartender needs to develop the attitude of being kind to customers when serving them and even not. Also, even though the customer has an intoxicating attitude, they need to stay polite to them.


Expect the times that the day is not for you. It simply means that you will be encountering problems along the day. Serving alcoholic beverages will surely lead you to intoxicated customers. And for these times, you will need to decide on to stop serving them. Expect violent reactions when you decide to stop giving drinks to them. These type of customers will surely test your patience. Be patient at all times and understand that these customers are to drunk to think completely.

4.Good state

What bartenders do are not sitting down and relaxing. They are the busy type of people, standing and running for several hours. And for beginners in this bartending job, they will expect to experience numbness in their legs.

You may be working night shifts as a bartender. They will have the higher risk for improper digestion, insomnia and depression.

For this kind of job, you will really need to take care of your body and mind.

5.Bartending knowledge

There is a great misunderstanding about becoming a bartender that includes education. Many are saying that you need to enrol in a bartending school or get an online course to become one. This is not true at all.

The requirements for this job are, you need to meet the age condition and you will learn the basic bartending. There are no licenses or certifications required.

You can check around Los Angeles if you are interested with their bartending community.
Interesting Research on Bars – What No One Ever Told You
The Ultimate Guide to Bars

Econo-Seal Announces Expansion Of Service Area


(St. Louis, Missouri)–In response to an increase in inquiries regarding industrial pipe repair in the Midwest, industry leader Econo-Seal has expanded its services beyond its Missouri base to include cities in Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, according to company president and owner Rob Lawton. “As leading providers of online leak repair and coatings and composites, our services are in high demand, and we’re pleased to be able to satisfy the needs of more customers in a wider region,” Lawton said.

Econo-Seal specializes in Online Leak Repair, a method of repair that keeps the company’s product flowing through the pipes at all times. “We recognize that a shut down could be extremely expensive for a client, so we do all we can to keep their pipelines up and running,” explained Lawton. “We start out by inspecting the leak site and determining the best technique for the repair. For valve packings and flange or elbow leaks, for example, we apply a sealant under continuous pressure. If we need to work on a larger area, like replacing a section of pipe, we freeze the line with CO2 or liquid nitrogen. By stopping the line briefly, we can do a quick repair with little to no interruption of the client’s operations.” With these methods, Econo-Seal not only ensures continuous operation of the client’s pipe system, but minimizes the release of contaminants into the environment.

In addition to leak repair, industries that depend on pipes are concerned with protecting the integrity of their pipes and storage tanks in order to prevent leaks before they have a chance to develop. Econo-Seal also assists clients with coatings and composites service, a less expensive alternative to steel and concrete materials, for a variety of purposes including tank lining, pipe reinforcement, and concrete repair. “One of the most beneficial applications of coatings and composites is in acid containment,” noted Lawton. “Without really secure protection, acid can do a great deal of damage to any surroundings. Fortunately, the products we use are all chemical and corrosion-resistant and provide reliable protection for storage tanks.”

Econo-Seal is proud to count among their clients some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the region. “We’re proud to have attracted some prestigious clients,” commented Lawton, “but we respect their confidentiality and only supply their names on request.” As Econo-Seal increases their client base, they will be adding more qualified technicians with a minimum of ten years experience in Composite Leak Repair and online leak sealing.

About Econo-Seal

Providing online leak repair, coatings and composites, and all pipe needs, Econo-Seal is the leader in the industry. Over the past 20 years, the company has managed to attract some of the largest, most prestigious customers in the region. Despite being a small, family-run business, they provide 24-hour service to both small and large industries. Econo-Seal’s strength is providing safe, reliable, successful service that is always done right and on time.


The Best Advice on Boutiques I’ve found

The Best Advice on Boutiques I’ve found

Learn Why it is Beneficial for You to Consider Online Shops Today Over the years, a lot of developments were made and when it comes to shopping, people before has to go to a physical store to get everything they need but today, people now has the chance to ensure that they will be able to get everything they need with ease via online shops. If you are to look into the benefits of which, people opt for such and this is because of how easy things just can get done. In order for you to be able to ensure that you will be aware of the things that you will get from online leggings boutique or any online shop, we will be talking more about such along in this article. Generally speaking, there are a number of which that you can get from online shops and the very first thing that you will get out of such is the assurance that you will be able to get things done conveniently. Everything that you will have to do then is to just sit on your computer and browse from product to product until you will land on the right product as per your specifics. Aside from the fact that everything can be achieved and purchased with ease, chances also are possible that you will then be able to get to choose the right product as per your specifics, and in most cases, you can tell if there are other options available as per size and color is concerned. Basically speaking, there really a lot more benefit that one can choose from considering online leggings boutique and instead of having to check on the updates every now and then or email them about what is new, customers will now have the option to stay updated with the latest happenings, promotions and updates by signing up for their newsletter. With that said, surely, people now can choose to shop with ease and comfort since they will be notified real time with the latest updates as long as the products in the online shop is concerned.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Sales
Furthermore, you can also assure that your purchase will be safe since most of these websites have the option to make purchasing safe via legit money transfer websites that you will find today.
Short Course on Pants – What You Need To Know
Yet another great thing about online leggings boutique and other online shops that you will find today is that you will also be able to ensure that you will have a plethora of choices when you are to shop from one online shop to the next. But bear in mind that it will still be needed for you to check and ensure that you will do further research to ensure a great find in the end.

A Quick Overlook of Roofs – Your Cheatsheet

A Quick Overlook of Roofs – Your Cheatsheet

Why you Need a Licensed Roofing Contractor

If you know how to fix your roof, you will be lucky. If you don’t, it doesn’t mean you won’t have your roof installed. A roofing contractor can help you fix it. The functions of roofing contractors include installation, repair and replacement of roofs. A roofer is another name for a roofing contractor. A good roofer will do your work better. Good roofing contractors ae associated with successful roofs. Always remember how important the roof are to the house. The better your roof looks, the better your house will look. All this you can only do if you understand roofers and their career.

A licensed roofing contractor is the best way to go. There are always contractors who will be there to work without licenses but at a cheaper price. And since you tend to think you are going to save, you decide to follow this option. Even though you might be saving, you will be working without much. This would be working on much risks. The following is an explanation why you will need licensed roofers for your job.

A license will tell you that a contractor is skilled. There are a number of expertise skills that a roofer must prove in the world of today by passing tests so as to get the license. This guarantee is something you will not get in a contractor who doesn’t have a license. All this shows that a license is a proof that a roofer is well skilled in their work.
The Path To Finding Better Services

A licensed roofer will not work under inappropriate terms. Roofers without licenses demand their fool pay before they start working. A contract will be followed if you use a licensed roofing contractor. The contract in most cases will be in the favor of the client and not to the contractor. There is a possibility that you can pay as low as ten percent to start the roofing process. It is almost impossible to live without a roof and the possibility of having less money is true. The contract will also guide the contractor to work in the way they promised from time to quality.
Understanding Options

An insurance comes hand in hand with the license. The advantage of roofers with insurance is that in the case where your property is damaged you can easily get repaid. In case there an accident to a worker, their bills will be covered by the insurance. You won’t have to worry about their bills as they got hurt repairing your roof. Choosing a good contractor can be based on a lot of things. Above them all find a roofing contractor who is willing to work for you.

The 10 Best Resources For Lawyers

The 10 Best Resources For Lawyers

Why is an Accident Attorney Necessary?

Not everybody understands how necessary lawyers are to the people with accident cases. Both those who understand and those who don’t will find this article very important. For the people who know, you will probably find a few things that are not in your knowledge and could be very important. Sometimes you wish to solve the case on your own. It is possible to win, but you can make the probability of winning high by sing a lawyer. But all in all, you need to consider the complexity of an accident case before you make a choice of tackling it on your own.

There a list of endless merits that an accident lawyer can be to you. The attorney majors in collecting evidence that can help you win. In small cases, most people decide not to use lawyers. In most cases they will not find the necessity of lawyers if they can gather the evidence required by themselves. Do you think this is right?

Saving money will be the biggest reason why people tend to do this. You will only see the importance of the lawyer when you end up losing much more than you would have used to pay a lawyer to make you win. The functions of a lawyer in this point will be the following. Attorneys are good at collecting and gathering the necessary reports. He will collect all the information from the police officers and talk to a number of witnesses. The Lawyer will have a clear picture of the accident from the above research. Everything that can become a good evidence for your case will be looked in to by the lawyer.
Study: My Understanding of Professionals

Another important duty of a lawyer in such a case is having a good communication with the other driver’s insurer. The accident attorney will expectedly know how to deal with the communication point. Most accident attorneys know how to go about this since they have a lot of knowledge and experience in the same. The major reason why this may be a hard task for you is because you may not know what is needed of you. Lack of experience and expertise can spoil things for you in the meeting.
How I Became An Expert on Professionals

A good attorney will also be good in the case where the client has sustained injuries from an accident. Getting the necessary medical reports can be a big problem for you. Sometimes you might even not know what exactly to ask the doctor. A good accident attorney will know what to ask the doctors so that it can be included in the evidence. The lawyers profession can easily make the doctor trust them with the medical report of a given patient.